Céline Naef

Tennis player

Produkte: Aronia Vida, Magnesium Vida, NADH Vida, Omega-3 Vida

Céline Naef (born 2005) is an ambitious tennis talent. Tennis has been her great passion since she was 5 years old. She has repeatedly demonstrated her skills at the Swiss Junior Championships and on the ITF International Junior and Professional Tour. She is a multiple Swiss champion and has already won tournaments at both junior and professional level. Her immediate goals are a successful performance at the Juniors Grand Slams, the top 15 ranking in the ITF U18 juniors and to gain further experience in the women's singles on the ITF Women's World Tennis Tour. She is training stroke by stroke and step by step with the big goal in mind of one day playing on the Grand Slam Centre Courts with the professionals. Céline on the partnership: "I trust the products from kingnature. They give my body back what it has used up in training and competition."

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