Beachteam Schaltegger-Hübscher


Produkte: Amino Vida, Magnesium Vida, Eisen Vida, Vitality Shot, Moringa Vida

Janick Schaltegger and Melina Hübscher have been together since 2021 and are increasingly becoming a top team in the Swiss beach volleyball scene. They finished 7th at the last Elite Swiss Championships and have already set a first highlight internationally with a top-5 finish at the 1-star tournament in Budapest. Melina, a defender, lives in Plaffeien near Fribourg, Janick forms the block in the team and comes from Frauenfeld. Janick and Melina are coached by former Swiss national coach Marc Gerson. The two ladies comment on the advantages of kingnature as follows: "As a competitive athlete, you need an optimal supply of nutrients, especially during intensive training and competition phases - kingnature offers this with an enormously wide range of products. The fact that these are also manufactured in Switzerland and that attention is paid to sustainability is a nice bonus."

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